When logging in to Audiencetools, you’ll be taken to your main dashboard. From here you can easily access the most important information for your account. 

  • Highest performing links – Gives you a list of your best performing tracking links
  • Total Clicks for the past 14 days - How many clicks have you generated the last 14 days?
  • Top performing campaigns for the past 14 days - See your most successful campaigns in the last 14 days
  • Total subscribers - See how many subscribers your application forms has garnered
  • Latest application stats - See how many patrons that’s submitted an application
  • Social follows – An overview over your followers across your integrated social media accounts

On the left hand side of your main dashboard you have a drop down menu with different options. 

  • User Management, Organizations, Users, Roles, Permissions
  • Campaign Builder - Build your marketing campaigns
  • Events – Link your event page and your tracking links to monitor your results
  • Tracking links – Create multiple tracking links for your promoters
  • Presets – Create presets for tracking link
  • Post Purchase Promote
  • Integrations – Integrate your various social media accounts to your Audiencetools account
  • Social Integration
  • Applications – Create application forms for your events.
  • Create Application, View Applications
  • MinisitesCreate MinisitesView Minisites